Sicilian pizza, also known as Sfincione (or Sfinciuni in Sicilian language) is a variety of pizza that originated in Palermo, Sicily. Unlike the more familiar Neapolitan pizza, the cheese is placed beneath the sauce. An authentic recipe often calls for pecorino cheese and bits of anchovies.

In the United States, a Sicilian pizza is typically a square pie with dough over an inch thick. Often referred to as tomato pie, this pizza is popular in Italian-American enclaves throughout New York and New Jersey, and especially in Utica, New York, a city whose sizable Italian-American population is predominantly Sicilian. It is typically served in an aluminumbaking sheet.

A particular variety that originated in Messina, Sicily is the focaccia alla messinese, and is typically made with endive and anchovy.

American Sicilian Style Pizza

Sicilian style pizza slices from San Francisco: combo, pesto veggie and clam & garlic